Codemasters F1 2013


As a race fan you’ve probably heard of the release of the brand new F1 game by Codemasters: F1 2013. But for those of you who haven’t played it yet, or who are just getting into it, here is a short review on the official F1 game of 2013.


Visually the new edition of this race classic has probably not changed all that much. Codemasters builds upon the earlier versions and therefore F1 2013 looks a lot like the 2012 edition. However, we did notice some significant differences when it comes to the reflections on cars and helmets. Furthermore the overall look of the circuits is a little more finished, especially things like grass and audience.


The gameplay has not changed at all, mainly because racing did not change. However, Codemasters reworked the menus and the interface quite extensively. Therefore you can start racing faster, without having to click through endless menus. The amount of loading screens has been reduced and the loading time appears to be reduced. A nice touch is the new pit view. The driver actually walks to the car and gets into the, a little awkward, racing seat. It seems like a small deal but it actually does improve the feel for the game.


The new menus can also take you to new items. You can now enter challenges in which you can replay real race scenes and complete special targets, like finish in front of your team member. In the new season mode you have to select a driver who becomes your ‘rival’. If you finish ahead of your rival 2 out of 3 times you get a job offer of the rival’s team. This way you can work your way up the ladder to become the best driver on the grid.



All these small improvements aside, F1 2013 has some real changes to offer. If you have the classics edition of this game you can play the 2013 season with all the official drivers, teams and tracks but if you enter the classics mode you can also choose between drivers, cars and tracks that have not been used for years. It’s now possible to get into a 1980’s Ferarri, for example, and take a spin around an old track like Imola. Or how about you get in a car with the name M. Schumacher on it. Although not all cars or tracks are added to the game it does provide a new racing experience. It’s almost a game within a game. The level of detail is amazing in the classic mode. Even the pit crew is dressed appropriately and the cars really do feel different on the tracks. The handling is a lot harder and the sense of speed is even bigger. Furthermore there are no additions to help you get by your rivals, like DRS or KERS, so you’re completely on your own to prove that you’re an amazing driver.


All in all F1 2013 is a great game that is accessible for children and adults who like to take a seat in the fastest cars on this planet. For the optimal race experience we recommend a wheel, like the popular G27 by Logitech, and an appropriate seat, like the Playseat® F1 Red Bull Racing. These additions will give you the full F1 experience, including the awkward racing position and full force feedback.


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